End game chat

I’m not 100% sure it’s been changed, but after a well fought game, i.e. your team pulling an upset, a simple gg is common.  In many cases, it results in global chat instead of team chat.  To me, team chat shouldn’t end until after you return to hanger.  Mainly for clarification, does end game chat get send to your team or to global chat?  I’ve noticed before, due to replies, that end game chat would be sent to global instead of team, even if you were looting.  This is something hard to discern without someone cooperative monitoring global chat.  Considering the amount of random "gg"s in global chat, I’m not sure if this has changed.


What is the current status of end of match chat?


As a side note, I’ve often wanted to get out of the looting the statistics stage and then message a player for whatever reason.  Can it be possible to see the players from the previous match after returning from hanger?

It is obviously not the best solution, but you have a battle-log tab where you see all deaths and assists. You are able to left click the nicknames to whisper them.

Team chat ends the moment looting starts. You have to be really fast with your gg.

There have been a few times when I too fell prey to this and ended up posting gg in global chat.


There’s also a plus side to this mechanic though- due to the short window of opportunity, the chance for ‘post-game trashtalk’ is vastly lower. In fact you don’t see it often at all. :slight_smile:

Those inclined to trash talk typically are quite busy doing so during the battle already.

Indeed. Trashtalking idiots usually have no problem stopping playing and doing it in game. As a conscientious player I’m usually too busy playing to chat, so it’s a shame I don’t get the chance afterwards.

Given the gameplay, there’s little time to chat unless you stay back and hide.  Whispers have a different in game effect than team chat.  Whispering targets one player, game chat targets your team.  Trashtalking will exist, so will ignore.