Enable Server Preference in Random Matches.



According to official statements, the quality of a connection in a match depends on where the server in which a random match is hosted at.


This means that for some, if not most people, experience latency / lag / ping issues when fighting- like me, where any server except the US server has a ping value above optimum and just barely acceptable.


We all know that creating a room allows you to set a server to host the game, but problems with waiting for people, sealclubbers and the like arise with created rooms.


I’m suggesting that a “preferred server” selection similar to Warthunder be added into the menu for random matches, to increase the chances of people getting into a server of thier optimum performance.

We just don’t have enough players

Its really getting bad, when I started playing a few weeks back the pings were normally in the green. Now atleast 3/4 matchs are on overseas servers if looking at the red pings is any indicator. Quite a bad way to try and keep starting players when they cant compete on even ground.

We just don’t have enough players

Fundementally it comes down to this, with a total que pool rarely exceeding beyond 1000, and rarely exceeding beyond 300 in any given tier, it doesnt leave alot of room for que preferences.



another thing to note is game mode and subsequently server que type preferences is noted and probally in the works, but we wont see it untill the game grows

I voted EU, but the fact is I’d just queue for whatever server the “pro” Corporations weren’t using.

I think Codebot is right. It would be cool if we had enough players, but we don’t right now. We could try it and see if people liked it, but I don’t think the results would be as expected.

I’d rather the servers / connection to said servers were improved so that latency within more tolerable limits would be observed. The location of said servers should not be a huge concern - and due to international tournaments and player base the separation of players across different servers / zones wouldn’t be ideal.

I’m only having issues playing on the russian servers. Would be great if we could set a preference… 

How do you expect to attract more players when the lag is almost unplayable? IMO longer que with option for any server like you have for WarThunder…