Empty crafted ammo slot notification

Can we please get a notification when crafted ammo runs out, just like regular ammunition? I’m sick and tired of how many times I’ve found myself in a match with an empty ammo slot. 


Besides this, add the ability to bulk manufacture items. It has been suggested already but nothing has been done about it.


I understand most of these suggestions are either low priority or not considered by the team. Well, let me tell you something, these small things make the game better and improve user experience. Stop neglecting them and listen to your players.

you can set auto-refill and auto-repair in your settings


the bulk manufacture idea have already been forwarded

you can set auto-refill and auto-repair in your settings



I already have those settings enabled. I am talking about the crafted/manufactured ammo. The mounted stock depletes silently, you get no notification. You don’t know when it gets depleted, you’d have to check every ship in your line-up or remember the number of battles and ammo count you have otherwise.


Here a picture with what I mean:


ouh, now I got it


forwarded to Devs

a slider bar that would allow us to create more than one item at a time would be nice also.

Yes to all of these suggestions!

please have one thread for one suggestion


the mass crafting have already been proposed and forwarded anyway