Emperor's Hammer [EH]



Greetings Pilots!  I’m Commander Chrome of the TIE Corps division of Emperor’s Hammer.  I fly mostly T2 PvP, so you may or may not have seen me around if you fly a lot of T2 as well.


First off - Thanks for visiting our recruiting thread, and your possible interest in joining us!


A bit of background about TC/EH:  Established over 15 years ago back in the Star Wars flight sim days and still playing games like X-Wing, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, with a few more Star Wars related games thrown in for some good fun.  We do have a group of Star Conflict pilots nowadays and are looking to increase our ranks and be a fighting force in the universe.  Also a SWTOR, Star Citizen, and Star Trek Online group in the future perhaps (STO already has some people playing), but not the place to discuss - just throwing out the info.  Personally I’ve been with them for 3 or 4 months now.


We have a Star Wars lore based Chain of Command structure with a very detailed system for promotions, medals & general awards with ongoing competitions including, but not limited to trivia, flash games, graphics, and thousands of custom missions for all the supported Star Wars flight games.  A monthly/yearly multiplayer & single player kill-board with rewards for the top few pilots…and of course - Glory!


With that said - since it is structured, I will say up front that we do have procedures for things.  Such as submitting screenshots for your Star Conflict wins (and other officially supported games), all done online with a nifty submission system, or through email if it happens to be a competition.  Also staying in contact with your Flight Leader or Squad Leader, and regularly competing in the Fleet competitions.  I know, it might seem tedious, but it’s a great system to keep track of everyone’s data, and it’s not just thrown together on a whim.  We have uniforms that are rendered for your online profile as well, which have the medals & rewards right on them, and again - Star Wars based so as you work up, you get those sexy red/blue/gold marks plastered on your chest as you define yourself in a career with the TIE Corps division of Emperor’s Hammer.  Role-play not mandatory, so get into it as much as you feel like, or just fly straight and have some fun.



18 yrs (Underage with parental consent)

Skill Rating over 1k if played longer than a month, new players welcome with less than 1k


Strive to Improve



What we offer:


Organized Competitions

Detailed website with database of your record/awards/medals

More Fun!


Come begin your career in the Imperial Navy as a Cadet, and see how far you can go.  Will we one day call you an Admiral?!


I look forward to flying with each and everyone of you!  If you have ANY questions, feel free to PM or message me in game - I’m Chrome (not Chranos, that’s just forum name).  If I’m not on, try LandonCruise and he should be able to help you.



Enter in my pin number during recruitment: 12987- I’m the Beta Squadron leader for the ship “ISD Hammer”.  See you soon!



btw, yes that’s Alderaan in the picture above lol

One must defeat the rebel scum. You might wana try FTL also. Damn rebels!

Can’t wait to see you in battle, I mostly do T3 battle as well as invasion.

welcome putty yoda

haha, thanks…All hail Clayda!!


Yes, I’m aware it’s an Imperial group and I have Yoda as an avatar…I’m fine with it :wink: