Emperor Fighter Squadron Module

I’m not sure if I have posted this yet, but it would be epic (and make sense really) for the Emperor R17 Destroyer to have an active module that lets you control a small fighter squadron much like the Ellydium “Swarm”. It has a little hangar built in to the center of the ship, so it really seems like an obvious design route.


The “Fighters” could launch from the hangar bay on each side before forming the formation outside the ship, and launch from there again when destroyed.


The active module could just be like the “Control Tower” for them, that sends them commands that make them change formation to perform different functions.


Name: Control Tower

Type: Active Module for the Emperor

Recharge: 1** second** (To switch between modes)

Individual fighter damage: 400** thermal**

Individual fighter RoF: 120/min

Individual fighter firing range: 1,750m

Squadron flight speed: 600m/s

Individual fighter flight speed: 800m/s

Fighter production rate: 1 every 30 seconds

Maximum fighters in the squadron: 10 (excludes fighters sent to protect allies)

Individual fighter durability: 2,000pts

Destruction damage: 10,000 (also causes any active fighters to self destruct)

Tooltip: Activates the ship’s fighter bay to start manufacturing drone fighters. Fighters will stay in a formation and can be shot down by enemies. Fighters can evade missiles and explosive projectiles.


Command Modes:


  • Defend : The fighter squadron will stay within 2,000m of the ship, and fend off attackers by shooting at them.


  • Pursue : The fighter squadron will follow the locked target up to 8,000m and attack them.


  • Scatter : The fighter squadron will split up in to 5 pairs at the current location to defend the area.


  • Protect : When left on this mode for greater than 5 seconds, 3 fighters will break formation to protect the locked ally. No more than 6 fighters per ally. The squadron defaults to “Pursue” mode when being sent to allies.


  • Reinforce : When in this mode, new fighters are constructed in the hangar bay at an increased rate, and released to join the formation. One fighter every 10 seconds. New fighters can replace damaged fighters, who will self destruct. The squadron defaults to “Defend” mode while being reinforced.




A simple arrow type model like this would easily suffice, maybe with a little turret on the nose and a camera or something on top. And the obligatory engines.


Fighter number and health bars indicated as so:

FighterHealthExample7xDamaged.png.7e1871772154c90b0afe96210c9f04a7.png FighterHealthExample7x.png.3a8cd86a66e5d2cc3612f8567f5c3dbd.png FighterHealthExample10x.png.fb2a0eb415dc5f282e31ddaf7c242f93.png

7 fighters with some damaged on the left. 7 fighters at full health in the middle. 10 fighters at full health on the right.



Patch Notes 1:
  • Halved individual drone damage
  • Halved individual drone durability
  • Tweaked wording to be less vague
  • Added a spoiler
  • Added destruction notes

This is brilliant! 

Would love to see this!


Just no.


We dont need any more autoaim.

Also the stats you proposed are just way to broken.


Way too much dps, speed and hp for a single drone.


Concept itself is ok, kind of zeta ripoff, but im pretty sure the emperor is not going to need something like this.

2 hours ago, Neoncreeper1MEDK said:

Concept itself is ok, kind of zeta ripoff

That was the idea lol.

And yeah the stats are all just pretty much random numbers. Feel free to define some new more reasonable ones.