Emergency Jump Module

This module needed it’s own topic as well. I need some extra feedback here. Everything from the original post was positive about this module (which surprised me!) so I though I might get some more opinions. Got something to say? Think it’s great? Something need to change? Tell me! ^^

Name: Emergency-Jump

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: Tier 4-5

Upgrades: Mk4 has 35s cooldown.

Energy: All

Cooldown: 45s

Tooltip: Instantly jumps the user 1,500m in the direction of their crosshairs after a one second preparation. Preparation disables all modules and weapons systems

I don’t like this option being available to every ship type. This lets people be extremely reckless without much consequence, heavily affecting team dynamics.

Cool in theory, terrible in practice.

Sounds good but this thing will break the game’s balance.

Kinda like the “Blink” in Fractured Space, but it was reserved to one ship class, attacking one. Jumping Gunships, imagine that  :01515:

1500 meters is not much. I doubt that it is a powerful tool for escaping.

But it can be very powerful for the offensive. For example it would be a very powerful way for Guard Frigates to get into range for their Pulsar.

That would be broken.

It was really just meant as a way to confuse your attackersin large fight, or a way to slip behind over/by an engi quickly. Also uses all of your energy reserves so no instant afterburning and disabled modules and weapons. *