EM variant of the Vulcan railgun

I’d like to have a (EM) variant of the Vulcan - (like an Eclipse Launcher variant).

(In a way the Th’ak’Len frigate weapon is a kinetic damage variant to the Eclipse launcher.)


Name                         Octane Minigun 15 (white)
DPS (EM)                   327-654 dmg/s
Damage (EM)             41-365 dmg
Rate of fire                 480 rounds/min
Crit. dmg chance       15 %
Cit. dmg bonus          50 %
Projectile speed        7500 m/s
Firing range (max)   5000 m
Overheating/cooling    24/4 s
Description            The Octane is a rotary machine gun. It has a  Gatling-style rotating barrels. Deals EM damage. Projectiles impact releases nanodrones that attack enemies. Drones restore hull to all allies in a certain radius.


P.S.: Vulcan:

The Vulcan is an awesome weapon, love it.

The sound is good, the fell and shoot  is super…


Same specs but                                        

That’s an interesting idea, gatling healer ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Compressing railgun, already exists.

I think he meant a gatling weapon that also heals

Too fantastic with healing for me.

It’s the firing rate and mechanics of the (kinetic) Vulcan canon applied to a variant of the (EM) Eclipse launcher, because I saw the concept of the Eclipse l. applied to a kinetic weapon called Th’ak’Len (for Waz’Got frigate)  ![:001:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001.png “:001:”)


Firing mechanics altered only as insofar that my idea/proposal adjusts it to a more medium range style than the short range style of the Vulcan, because Eclipse has no spread and the one CPU passive module slot or Crew implants can be used to give it more firing range (max) while the Vulcan has spread and must be either tuned by more crit chance to hit or by less spread implants/modules (like "Electronic guidance’ passive module).


I proposed so, because I love the Vulcan and see it not optimal for the Ellydium Waz’Got build, either the Eclipse fits better to a healer and is better for a strafe-distance build of the engineer Wazgot – or the Phoenic frigate (rank 8, Empire) with its Nailer gun (kinetic weapon) is much more capable than the Vulcan for a short range-damgeoutput build of the Wazgot. Just my 2 cents.