Ellydium Swarm Behavior

Wasn’t sure which suggestion forum to post this under as it doesn’t have to do with anything very specific, move thread if need be! Anyway, here’s my idea…


I thought it would be cool if the Ze’Ta’s swarm could have some added behavior/cosmetics. All the swarm crystallines have what appear to be 1 red eye/lens; I think what could be added is that in neutral mode, the swarm’s lenses would be a light blue, then when locking on to an enemy target they turn red, as if they go into an “aggressor mode”. Apart from the suggested animation, when you’re using Swarm Control, I think it would also be cool if they made their same sound when you manually lock onto a target, like the swarm does automatically when attacking enemies close to the ship.


Good idea? Thought this stuff would make the swarm seem a little more “alive”.

OR how about swarm skins? Confetti everywhere!

Maybe the swarm will also look different with the other special modules, not only the ship, I suspect it might have different behaviour too, current one is defensive, next ones might be supportive and offensive.

rainbow swarm is always a  GREAT idea

Sooooo Skittles.