Ellydium ships should require Iridium to unlock Evolution nodes!




Unlocking a new ‘Evolution’ nodes should require Iridium!

Iridium amount or demand should exponentially increase in the same way as with Xenocrystals - in percentages (%).

Each ‘Evolution’ node should require a bit more than the next one.

Same applies to all ‘Special module’ nodes. The required amount should increase significantly!


Required Iridium cost for each ‘Evolution’ and ‘Special module’ node should be determined by the Commercial Department of Gaijin.




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iri is already a nightmare to gather, adding this to evolution nodes will just make the upgrade system even worst than it’s already is. They should instead reduced what’s currently needed like credits (Rip new players). And we should not be forced to build a spec module to just be able to upgrade the ship(waste of time)

I have nothing to say here.

Xenocrystals only (on Thar’Ga) was ok, but when they added that horrible nodes…

Uhm do we talk about the Iridium that is needed to open these crates? If yes then it would require to drop frequently OR give another set of elly mission where you can earn some cus Iridium then would be an required material that you can earn/farm/etc.


But this in reverse would then surely lead to annother thing what i expect will be an increase an the crate costs to open them if Iridium would br obtainable way easier thanks to missions or more frequent drops during loot hunt (next to the daily purple spot) like it was wwwaaayyy back in this game when it was an given to find at least 1 Alien loot per mission.


Or it would lead to an decrease of the Iridium earn resulting in nearly the same like option 1 just to keep the crate prices at the cost for more needed spots.


And if your Corp has no Sector that gives Iridium tokens you are pretty much limited to the daily looting that gives how many Iridium average per day? If i would have to guess now i would say 150 minimum per day.


So if Iridium shoul be an required material to upgrade a ship then it needs to be an material that you can earn next to this daily stuff.

If you ask me, Iridium sectors from Dreadnought Battle should get removed.

It gives too much farming advantages to certain big corps who have no real competition due to their size and activity.


Iridium should come from doing daily tasks instead of just using tokens and winning the battle to get it.

That way people don’t have to rely on SQ battles, especially when they don’t have enough people to fill all slots or increase their chances of winning, would be fairer, imo.


Neodium, beryllium, credits, xenocrystals, monocrystals should be the only currency that stays as it is, except for Iridium.

Well leaving now the corp part aside (cus either you have luck to be in a corp that has 1 or 2 sectors minimum or you are screwed to be in a corp that has no sector at all for whatever reason) you could also say that every corp only could have 1 sector at the same time to “balance” it a bit out so that the top corps not dominate the most part of the map what would result in an “pissed corp situation” in reverse.


So how can the thing really be handled aside from “take it away from the sector tokens”? I (still) would say add a bunch of missions for the elly faction that require you to fly an elly ship to accumulate points (normaly i´m full against limitations and stuff but this is an exeption) where you gain then some Iridum out everytime + these missions have no cooldowntimer so that they can started directly again once finished.