Ellydium ships - Inherent 'Collision Compensator' passive effect



I suggest that we get inherent ‘Collision Compensator’ that provide us with reduced damage against collisions.

Due to game engine restrictions and Ellydium ship model for Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin and possibly all the other ships, I think that we really need it.



A slight touch with the surface or some debris will cause instant death or heavy damage to hull.

Try to go to Open Space with Thar’Ga and dump a fuel cell, while flying or bump it. Good luck!



Suggested passive effect:

  • damage from collisions reduced by 50-75%


One such exception should also be made to Stingray - Federation Gunship of Rank 10, but only 50%.




It’s not fair to have such collision damage but neither is that insane dps so it’s kinda “let’s wait and see how things turn out”.

Ellydium ships have inherited HIGHER Collision dmg, you know, the opposite of Collision Compensator (which 1 hit KO you in Survival), it is not because of their model, it is because of their faction and it is done on purpose, which kinda goes against your suggestion ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)