Elite Outlaws Force Star Conflict Corporation are Recruiting

Hello all Star Conflict Pilots I am Cybertech aKa TJ the founder of the EOF is Jericho faction, we are fairly new corporation, currently we are building us up with the idea and fight in Sector Conquest EOF is looking for Active members to fight the Enemy., otherwise we are pretty regular players who enjoy and have fun d. If this is something for you to contact us at http://eofcorp.shivtr.com/ or ingame (Cybertech) 


some of us play other games of several types of FPS, MMO ect … 


and hope to hear from players out there … 

see you on the battlefield


Welcome EOF, hope you get a solid base of players and have success in the game, see you in the battlefield  :)wt

Welcome to star conflict, good luck.

May the force be with you! 

Good luck.  I look forward to seeing you and your players out in space!

Greetings from The Uniited Front! We wish you the best of luck!