Elite game, space race

Elite game


every week have a game,

above T3 can join.

the upper limit of player is 36


computer will group the players in to squad.(the squad value = T5, 3T3=1T4, 3T4=1T5)

when the venue left one squad, that squad will win and gain a large amount money.


this need to make a map that no red team and blue team.

the system can show the self squad.

the system can count how many player left in the squad.



space race


recommend every day have 4 times of racing.



there is a map like car race.

in here who can arrived to the goal, who win the match.

in the race journey may have a small sun,rocks zones,spacemine(landmine).

also the contestants can attack the other contestants.



we are losing players.

we need more gameplays

more Interactive between players