efficiency of the Cruise Engine module should be disabled or reduced, when carrying a Bomb!

Tacklers and Commands with 1 or more Cruise Engine module/s in T5, who carry a bomb, need to be stopped.

Detonation game mode is pretty much ruined by the Hologram from the Recon or Cruise Engine Tacklers.


I suggest the following, while you carrying the bomb towards the enemy station.


  • reduce the efficiency of the module by an additional 50% (overall)

  • Cruise Engine is disabled, like the adaptive shield state is

I completely agree. The fact that they can still have adaptives on while carrying a bomb is utterly stupid (plus the fact that they still go faster than most ships while they are carrying the bomb). I think a 50% speed nerf should be adequate to solve this problem. It will still allow the cruise fighter to go pretty fast, but not to the point where they can still outrun most ceptors when carrying the bomb.

I have mixed feelings for this. I agree that they are a problem, but -50% seems a bit steep. I’d just remove cruise and still go faster than 350m/s.

It shouldn’t be possible for a fighter (with all the extra tank that entails) to outrun an interceptor (with so much less tank) while carrying a bomb. Holograms should never have the bomb icon, either, but that’s a different issue.

Im not gonna vote as it dont cover my thought on the issue.


In general within the game i hate detonation of all the game modes.


I know that there is a nerf in place for it when grabbing the bomb and it does in fact scale with the ship speed. Not as much as some would like but it is there.


What ruin this game mode for me is that it is a very team focused mode for randomness an the derpy ‘where am i’s’ will drift in an start with team battle an ignore the bomb carrier, bomb or towers and engage enemy team w/o any thought. Its a very ‘vet! carry this game for me’ mode and for the most part i refuse. I loathe the mode because of this but i realise it is very important for getting a team/player used to focusing changing objectives.


To me the hating on cruise is just an easier way to explain teams fail in this mode, it is not easy to build and fly well. Still a 50/50, ignore the fool or kill the guy who good with cruise.

Tis really easy to grab a bomb away from a team who is unconcerned with it(So many det games). Does it matter if i do that in a cruise fighter or an wiggly inty? Id prob have more success in the inty. Tho i prob have a cruise fighter fitted for the occasion as welll.


All in all yeah, maybe a litte stomp to curb the use of adaptives with cruise bombing, but it dont even really need that much between vet squads, they should know better than that.


Or in other words if detonation loads up an u find yourself thinking ‘all my ships are as slow as a week in jail’ or ‘i have no means to stop these guys’ then i tend to think its your problem.

In random regular pvp u should be widening your ship range an capabilities an never sticking with the same setups, the game is change. The blame from a foolish team for not carrying their lazy asses is still better than focusing on a single passive module to explain the defeat.

its not as easy as it seems to plant with that engine tho, you have to start counterthrusting far from target.


i vote 100% collision damage increase if you carry the bomb with a cruise engine, and no CC effect, much like with combat reboot.


certainly, one way or another, it reaches the beacon and goes boom.


i have no problems with cruise. its a bigger ship with more space for larger engines, you get the rotation malus, we are in space, there is no friction, big ship can go fast too just a question of fuel;

the energy activation cost, the higher energy cost, the even higher rotation malus while active; mostly people with cruise survive, because the target marker is lying to you, you have to simply shoot a bit ahead of it, and you can basicly shred that cruise fighter, because chances are, its going to go somewhat straight.


i have no problem btw. if someone who has proven he can fly regular ships, flies a cruise tackler, as long as he does right with it. but sometimes, people just have to accept, another cruise tackler in a guard/ecm/tackler team will not change the tides if the enemy plays their roles right.

most of my cruise tacklers are fitted for one thing: kill cruise tacklers. i did plant the occasional bomb with it, and i knew it has adaptive under cruise probably since day 1, but i think, 99% a covert ops or recon can do the same job better, if the team works together.

Let me discuss it with our team.

Also, I need more votes and your opinions in this thread.

My opinion:


1.) (more radical approach)

Cruise Engine should be moved to Spatial Scanner and Extended Hull, because they are GS modules only and as such, they should only be available in Open Space!

Those who have it, they don’t need to buy it, but it is only available to be purchased in the Store for the small GS price, for those, who don’t yet own one.

(You would have to make it so, that you cannot enter PvP, PvE, SQ battle with any GS (Open Space) module, which requires tweaking of MM!)


2.) (more realistic approach, or combined with solution 3)

This one is funny! You’re carrying a bomb! Bombs are sensitive!

Cruise Engine module has another hidden penalty. If you collide, while you’re carrying a bomb, you take 100% more collision damage from any form of collision, than you normally would.

One other thing. Maybe the bomb should explode, when you explode. It makes sense, because bomb is a bomb, but that would change how Detonation works and you would have to wait for another bomb to spawn.


3.) (most likely the best option)

Reduce the effectiveness of the Cruise Engine module by an additional 50%, which means that the speed is reduced by 50%, but not the handling itself.


4.) (probably too harsh)

Cruise Engine module is completely inactive, while you are carrying the bomb.

I like the idea that bomb carrier has sensitivity to collisions. This will require of pilot who uses cruise engines (me for example) to hit the breaks on time if he wants to plant it or risk overjumping the beacon or crashing into it… wich would result in…splatter on the beacon. Since overjumping mayyyyy not be a big of a deal, but IS a big deal when defender are already there. Trust me it aint easy to maneuver in spaghetty style around the beacon with cruise engines… I bump a lot! So… yeah, make the carrier vunerable to bump and cruise planting will become harder.

T think the one holoship is ok. Cruise engine shouldn’t be totally disabled during bomb carry though as it also adds a different element. You can still kill it by guarding the station. Collision damage or just disable adaptive perhaps.

No real issue with the holoship either.


I would say cutting the cruise to 50% while carrying would be the place to start and see how it looks.

my opinion - remove it from PvP altogether. Confine it to open space

my opinion - remove it from PvP altogether. Confine it to open space

yeah, true stuff. I want that to happen too.

There’s nothing wrong with Cruise Engines as they are. Even in T3 you can build Interceptors that will hit at or near the speed cap. I suspect the actual issue is the survivability of the ships in question, but that is not universal; I’ve never seen a Cruise Tackler that can stick it out in a fight.


So it sounds like the issue is with Cruise Command, not Cruise Tackler, which in turn means the issue is with the Command class, not the Cruise engine.


Seems it’d be a better option to change how Commands work, rather than changing Cruise Engine and nerf an otherwise fine build.