ECM "Virii"

I would suggest that ECM ships gain a Virus module wich could work like this:


After you targeted a ship you use the module and it blocks the usage of the targeted ship (or the useability of the rockets) for a specific amount of time (lets say 10 seconds for this example) and then it jumps to another enemy ship close by and does the same for a shorter period (lets say 20% here) and then it jumps to a 3rd ship…


And so on…


It could be effective against an enemy squad but should make no harm (damadge) to assist your own fleet to gain control of a beacon or something else.



Of course bigger ships do have better tecnic so this should not affect frigates and depending to the ship class (interceptor or fighter) the percentages absorbed are higher or lower.



10 interceptors, 10% absorbation for each target means:


1st ship, 10 secs blocked

2nd ship 9 secs



A mixed group:


5 fighters, 5 interceptors:


I hit the interceptor first, 10% absorbation, a fighter should have better resistance (maybe 20%) so 30% is gone.

Now the Virus spreads to another fighter, again 20% less, 50% remaining.


With 50% we get “issues” of course because it would not fit another 3 fighters.

So 2 fighters fully hit, one halfway hit (so half the time for the effect).


If you consider this idea please make it no “field effect” because the Virus spreads via the communication channels of the enemy fleet. [EDIT to clarify the idea] It spreads from ONE ship to another (in a SPECIFIC range, so maybe 500m). A static field effect is not realy feaseable for a computer virus. So i hit one ship with the Virus, another enemy ship is 300m away and gets hit to, then another enemy ship is 400m away from the previous ship (so 800m from me) and so on…


In fact I could hit ships far away with this Virus but this, depending to it’s fraction and co, wouldn’t impact those ships too heavily with makes the module more fair in my oppinion (it’s inspired by normal physic (example WLANs), the signal quality of a WLAN gets weaker and weaker if you move away fromt he access point)


Of course you could add additional resistances (Jericho is more resistent then Imperium…) wich could affect the amount of time the effect is in place.



I think blocking rockets or modules is fair and it’s what a Virus could do because the specific parts of the ship needs to get cleaned and rebootet (in mind… :slight_smile: ).



I know there is a Post about a Virus module but I dislike the ability that it could harm the ship directly. Nobody gets harmed by a computer Virus either so why should a ship gets some damadge?!



Kind regards,


Your poll is missing the “this is a bad idea” option :wink:  we already got enough unbalanced mods and ships…

It’s also missing the “Almost this exact thing has been discussed in the other thread if you read it to the end” voting option.

White noise jammer?

Virus mod has been discussed on Punylover’s thread and we have come to the shaky conclusion that it should be a frigate-ball-cracker module.


Basically, there’s about 5 ideas for the same thing. I’ll just [link](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20111-new-module-idea/?p=204229) you to Kine’s post.