ECM Metastable special module adjustment.

  1. Allow ecms who use their bubble shield to activate their non-offensive modules while under the effect. I.E the healing modules, shield booster s, etc… Still disallow the use of offensive modules, of course.

  2. This second one simply stresses an old suggestion - Make it (activation of the metastable) cancel out an attacking recon’s shield drain that’s sapping the shield from the now closed-off from the world ecm.  

It already cannot even fit signals to capture a beacon anymore, while under the effect, so why should a recon’s sap be able to sift through the non-existent cracks?

A few more suggestions that can be implemented but are not truly needed.

  1. Stop friendly engineer healing modules and healing gun from repairing the ecm while under the metastable effect, to balance it out.


As an added bonus, please write your own suggestions about the module below.


please stay to one suggestion per thread


nope, if you are bubbled you cant take any action, so -declined-

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Just to make sure, the suggestion is to change the very mechanic of the bubble. I am well aware that you currently cannot take any action.

Was it declined by the devs themselves?