E.D.K Techvolt

Watch this gameplay video from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It shows the weapon at work.

Keep in mind that this weapon is extremely short range and extremely weak compared to other weapons.

This weapon can lock on and stay on the target if the cursor is close to the target. If the cursor gets to far then the lock on breaks. The weapon can go around corners and it can also travel from enemy to enemy.
So we make it do EM damage with a long heatup time and a long cooldown time.

It could be craftable. I was thinking only for frigates but it also could be the main weapon for CptDF’s alien ship.

This could be the guard exclusive beacon.

Please don’t use ideas from other games. Star Conflict won’t copy ideas from other games but make their own design. If you make suggestions try to come up with something new, not already employed by other games.