Dynamo [DYN2] (evil re-incarnated)

Dynamo [DYN2] is the sister corporation to Dynamis [DYN]. We are primarily a PvP corporation. Members regularly squad up with Dynamis members in PvP matches. Mostly active in Tier 2, but gradually moving into Tier 3. Requirements for members are less strict, though some things are encouraged.



  1. Must be on at least once a week, and give notice on the Dynamis forums if planning to be absent for longer.

  2. Pilots who are accepted must register on the Dynamis website: dynamis.shivtr.com

  3. Must be a team player with a good attitude.

  4. Must be willing to have fun.



  1. TeamSpeak 3 is encouraged but not required at this point.*

  2. Tier 3 ships are encouraged, but not required.


If you are interested in joining, PM myself, luav, or hammerforge ingame using the mail system.



See you in space.




*may change in the future.

So, in otherwords, I have to be lucky enough to play in a match with DYN officers, play GOOD, and then I MIGHT be able to join a Corp that WILL actually pre-empt targets? Actual team players? Great. Time to spam matches until I run into someone.

^ Actually, I just yelled in chat about shoddy teams, don’t think I played with the officer who invited me. Maybe my stats impressed?


Graduated from DYN2 to DYN in the same day. XD

It all depends on the pilot. Love what you do and excel at what you choose to do and the rest is a peice of cake. Humor and personality are always great virtues as well. Just be yourself and be likeable.

Could you link the website for Dynamis, Dynamo so that I could see your requirements?


I am interested in joining.