"Dying Breath" Achievement

Not sure why it’s not a thing yet, but an achievement for killing a target with a shot that you made just before you die would be great.


Like you’re after a target

You fire a shot

You get killed while it’s still flying

It hits the target and they die

You get the achievement


Maybe doing that 10-25 times to get the proper achie would be fair.



A sticker that looks like a framed bullet or something would be cool as a small reward but not necessary lol

Hmm. Could you contrast with “From The Grave”?

Looks like you’ve accidentally edited my post, rather than replying. Feels a bit weird.


As for “From The Gave”, I usually see it exactly as you describe “Dying Breath”, due to slow, but strong Dag’tnith blasts.

LOL! Online forum problems.

That one is more about killing something with mines/torpedoes while respawning. This one would happen within about one second of dying.