Dual-Type Blaster [Weapon]

Name: Dual-Type Blaster

Type: Primary Weapon for interceptors

Damage: medium(primary)/high(secondary)

RoF: very high/very low

Range: low/high

Projectile speed: very high/medium

Tooltip: A dual mode Kinetic weapon. Holding the trigger fires weak bolts quickly with a wide spread. Single trigger pull fires a single homing missile that follows the locked target quickly and increases heat dramatically.

Pls no more homing weapons…

4 hours ago, Scar6 said:

Pls no more homing weapons…

Why not? It’s on an interceptor.

I thought it could use a nice standard variant of the Tai’al/Thar’not’ok weapons. I mean standard ships are already getting tons of other standard ripoffs of ellydium ships. Xp