Dual Plasma Cannons and Rapid-Fire Assult Rail Cannons

Dual Plasma Cannons would exert +20% more damage, but have -25% range than the Hail Plasma and about +15% overheating than the standard. Only reason Dual Plasma would work and not Dual Rail is cause Rail is the equivalent of a basic Dogfight Cannon for fighter support aircraft like the SU-33s. Which brings me to another weapon, a actual Rapid-Fire Assault Rail Cannons, similar to our modern day GAU-8/A Avenger, which is the primary cannon of the legendary A-10 Warthog, whoever, the weapon would have to do damage in the =>150 and not in the 250-350 damage range. Reason for this is to make it even out, since it’s fire rate would be considerably higher than the other weapons, and yes, its a Tier 2 Unlocked weapon. Put the fire rate at 2,100 RPM or less, but with in the 4 digit range. Range would be somewhat better than the rapid fire weapons, but still under-ranged than the standard weapons. Laser doesn’t get a newer version, unless you think something like a blaster weapon as a new Laser weapon is a ok thing, then it would be similar to the Dual Plasma Cannons with slightly different stats. You can elaborate on the weapons and their capabilities. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having weapons like these added to the system. Also makes things interesting, for the T5 ships when they are released. Thinkin ahead for the future of Star Conflict :3

2100 RPM? Damage 150? You know, the highest firerate possible at the moment is 300 RPM. Making a 2100 RPM or “within the 4 digit range” weapon would be a bit overkill.