Dual firing modes (new life to old keybinds)

Remember back when you had two ammo and two missile slots to load epicness in to? Well with the removal of those, there are some free keys to be bound. And with the addition of weapons that carry two or more different firing modes, why not allow these keys to switch them back and forth, instead of having overly-complicated clicking timing and whatnot? This would open doors that people probably didn’t know even existed, and allow for a much simpler way to add cooler, better, and more functional content to the game! >w<

This could also be used for more than just the Phaser. I had in mind a way to make single-shot weapons like the Coil Mortar, Eclipse Launcher, and Kinetic Accelerator pack a bit more of a wollop, but still be as balanced as that type of weapon could get. It would allow the user to switch to an all-barrel firing mode that would fire a shot from all barrels at once. This would, ofcourse be balanced out by adding up the heat from each shot as one big one. You *might* get two shots out of a coil, and three from an eclipse. This would probably only be used by the more skilled pilots, but nevertheless, it still looks pretty interesting on paper.

If you have any comments, suggestions, tweaks, additions, or animal sacrifices, please do not hesitate to tell me. Feedback is always welcome. :3

(…well, constructive feedback…)

I like your second paragraph.

Could you imagine a tackler coming out of cloak using this system with a singularity cannon? The alpha strike would be enormous.

I may be wrong, but singularity cannon already uses all barrels. I think all non frigate weapons do.


Also to fire all barrels at once for the single fire frigate weapons I think they are designed so you could be one shot per cooldown.

Lol singularity would probably be unaffected.

And I get a good 20 shots out of my LRF Coil before it overheats. I get 12 from my eclipse.

Well how about this.


I am fairly certain the lore is that it takes the ammo that much time to load in the barrel. Which is why they are in succession.


Also back a step dual missle was removed because it was highly based on player skill.


Also fighters having mine fields was just silly. There were minefield on every frikkin objective points.


Dual ammo was just wrong. So wrong.


When did I say “bring back dual ammo”?

And the all-barrel modes could have a charge-up effect like Hail Plasma did, or the old interceptor shotgun.

it has been decided that all current common weapons do work one way with one dmg type


(not inlcuding Event weapons)