There is a rather problematic item where, if you are using the CO adaptive camo or the LRF’s  EM scattering field

Drones from a healer (Ability drones) or beacon drones can still fire at you. Many healers use this as a detection agent. It kind of breaks the need of spydrones. (unless you’re invisible)  I would like  to suggest a fix for these. make it so drones cannot detect you in these states.

(by drones, I mean the ones that attack anyone near them) And thus, cannot attack unless they themselves can lock on, so to speak (without actually locking on) there is also the fun bit where one side has 5 or so healers. If you use adaptive camo as an interceptor, you’re still dead before you can get close to the captain. 

Another one is to make it so the healer’s drones don’t attack anyone unless the user locks on to the target. Thus, the drones will require a targeting system. (yours)


That is all.

For the CO and LRF thing’s, I’m OK. But have to lock on the target…


Those things always die in a second. They can only attack when the engi isn’t under fire. 1 missile, and they are dead. 50‰ shield and they stop attacking. And expect if you play your engi from long-range, you’re always under heavy attack… Those things have only a range of 1750 in my remember. That’s just enough to get a defense against inties. No more.

I think you are looking at it the wrong way. The drones should be equipped with shields, singularity cannon and guided missiles. The downside would be that the engineer need a successful will save every round or the drones go berserk and attack him.

Speaking of Drones…  add to the mystical wishlist in the sky 


Why not do away with free flying attack drones and have 2 added ?   So now you have 4 rotating around   :yes_yes:    


Right now all it takes is 1 little missile to tear the 2 apart. 

First off, wouldn’t they still die to missiles? Secondly, what would we give engies for class missiles? Finally, if it was four of  today’s drones, wouldn’t the shield regen in pve be ridiculous for engies? :dntknw:

Why not make that if you already have your two drones, you could stack two others drones but that will stay in the ship until the two first are dead.

And give them something like a x1.5 cooldown?