Drone Special Module

Drone Special Module.
It’s some kind (optional) extra for all special modules in game. If you choose it, slightly reduce your special module parameters.

It’s a drone surrounding player’s ship (like engineering combat drones). Drones can’t targetable however can be destroy. If destroyed, auto replace in few seconds.

This special module available to all ships.

Drone size is according to the ship size. All ships have your own drone design.
The number of drones depends the ship size.
Interceptors, 1 drone surrounding player’s ship.
Fighters, 2 drones surrounding player’s ship.
Frigates, 3 drones surrounding player’s ship.

Drones capabilities.
All drones able to attack capability and your own capability according to the ship class, for example, “engineering drones able to restore shield and hull”.

You can implement only 1 or 2 capabilities at the same time however reduce drone effectiveness. If you want high performance drone you need completely abstain your special module.

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