Hello, I’m just posting what I think is a semi-good idea for the hell of it. In my opinion, I think that the making of a smaller type of dreadnought for player use at the tech five tree should be added. Don’t make it huge like the ones in the scenario map, but due to the damage that such a ship would deal I also think that it might be a good idea to make the purchase amount extremely high like in Navy Field where the BB6 (T6 Battleship). Not quite 50,000,000 credits, but make it something that has to be worked for extremely hard. It would be a nice end-game goal for a lot of players. But make specific maps for Dreadnought-only battles, or up the damage of the smaller ships Vs. player-controlled dreadnoughts to where it isn’t completely unfair. I realize how much work this might take, but I just figured that it seemed like a nice idea to run by. And, as I had said earlier, it gives players something to place as a goal, and work hard for instead of getting to the highest tech ship, then saying “Not interested anymore” and stop playing the game due to loss of interesting content. Make probably two types of dreadnoughts for each faction, one a supply and repair dreadnought where you have to land on it (Look up War Thunder on that idea) and the other a weapons platform dreadnought. But don’t make it too overly powered at the same time, less nerfs later in-game. Also, make the weapons scaled in proportion to the dreadnought, like weapons specifically for a dreadnought that cost (I.E) 1,200,000 credits or so. Same with the modules, but also make the modules cost a little less then the weaponry. And make a special module for them that suits each faction. Like the Empire has the Disintegrator, so make perhaps a dual Disintegrator or something along those lines. Combat drones, say upgrade them to where they would be viable supports for the Renegade dreadnoughts, and the torpedoes, I don’t think that would go well on a dreadnought, so make a sort of projectile or missile weapon for them.

To my earlier post, I placed the dual disintegrator for the dreadnought due to the fact that waiting for the disintegrator to reload takes a long time, so firing off two shots seems like the best thing to do. The missiles, say a specific large missile type but dumbfire with a wide AOE.