Drastically reduce destroyer upkeep

Destroyers are just normal ol’ ships now and really should start to be treated as such.

Firstly, their repair cost and refit costs are exponentially higher than other ships with similar real survivability. This is an excellent credit sink for rich pilots but credits are still hard to accumulate for the average pilot.

Instead of having their repair costs be 400,000cr, they should really be limited at closer to 150,000-200,000 to prevent massive net loss after poor battles. Their refit costs should also be reduced from 20,000,000cr to maybe 1,000,000-2,000,000cr.

Their special module should also be exchangeable like the Phoenix or Styx or Hyena special modules, not requiring a full refit.


Instead of long-term upkeep costs, they should be more like standard ships in that they cost several several million credits to build, then cost very little to repair over time.

I understand that they are huge and expensive etc blah blah blah, but their utility on the battlefield just does not nearly justify the massive price tags and limitations.


Their respawn time should also be brought down to that of normal ships.