Dogs of War



For 2 years Dogs of War was one of the most competitive clans on the Kemmura server of Black Prophecy.

With the end of that game in September 2012 we found a new home on the servers of Moon Breakers.

And we have a small fleet ready for the upcoming Star Citizen.

Now we are expanding to Star Conflict as a Federation Corporation .


Our goals are to be a fun & friendly community for players of both PvP/PvE to find good comrades in arms.

Our main language is English though we have members who speak multiple languages

We have a Raidcall voice-server & an active website forum.

So if you are interested in joining Dogs of War please visit our website & apply.



Good peoples. A little Nutz though. :crazy:

Welcome :wink:

Was a FoA in BP

Hay Fanfulla I remember holding the war-zones in BP with FoA against a wolf pack of times :slight_smile:

Sure it was lol My IGN there was Alter_Ego…It would be nice if exile wll join SC too :wink:

Hope to see DoW among the top clans soon :slight_smile:

Ah alter_Ego I played as AllTyiDie & War Dog was in many a good fight with you.We are rising up the rankings got to 79 tonight and that’s with just 13 of us in game.

Just 2 places leftover so apply today,we currently flying T2,T3 PvP and plan joining sector conquest when enough members have T3 or higher :slight_smile:

I’m an active player of Star Conflict and I’d like to apply for this corp (I have skype if you want to get in touch)

Fleet Strength: 3

Skill Rating: 1051

In-game name: link2486


I’ve gotten back into the game after being on a hiatus and I’m getting stronger with each passing day but I need a little support from your corp to be able to unleash my full potential

(I have Teir 1 Jericho ships and making my way to T2)

Link put an application in on the website, we play some tomorrow then the clan can see you in game

Just 1 space leftover so apply now :slight_smile:

10 new spots added apply here or PM me or an officer in game.

Officers IGNs

BitesBack [CEO]







So we now have members competing in sector conquest and have captured our 1st sector :slight_smile:

5 spots left to fill so apply now.

Hey! How is your Moon Breaker career doing? Played that game for a while, but plays like xxxx compared to this. Did i miss something?

We still have more members playing MB than we do here .that game is a lot more focused to dogfights and a top player can dominate in the F3 start ship so its a lot less grind. :bomber: 

I just wish for a Freelancer style dogfight game, and MB was not that (one ship had that drift mechanism when i played, while any ship could kill engine in Freelancer). This is not that either, but much more team oriented, that’s fine too.

Drift was definitely something to get use to, (the asteroids were not nearly as forgiving as these are) but once you did, the starter ship F3(Mamba) in the right hands can be the most dangerous ship. 

I do like the team aspect here though.

So modest our Nutz he is a bad xxxx in the mamba,His are definitely the right hands :good:   

The CEO is in house tonight, Tier 2 cant hold us.

Just 4 more places leftover apply now we looking for t2 and above.

I’m in…oh I already am…


Recommend these guys, made me very welcome. good advice, good fun and good flyers  :salute:  tally-ho