Dockable station per system

I’ve suggested this before (a long time ago, but did not find the post anymore)


Now that open space is getting bigger and bigger the need for additional dockable stations is increasing.


if you see the map, openspace is divided in systems (a system contains 1 or more sectors)


for ex:


pandora, pallas, felony, Solaris, …


if a system contains more than 2 sectors, please put a dockable station in side one of the sectors.


  • This will allow traveling through openspace less boring (fly to homebase takes a long time now), with system bases it will be only a few sectors away.

  • Restrict it to one ship only (can only switch ship in home base), or switching ships will take a waiting period (send other ship to system base)

  • New side missions per station (if you are in a danger sector, more bounty missions, kill aliens, kill pirates)

  • This will increase the population in far distant sectors (more fun, more coop play against aliens, pirates).


Hope you will like the idea



Outposts would be a good name for such stations. While not a mainstation, docking for ressource deposit/fuelling would be possible. Would make operating in a specific region easier.

I like this idea.

If they would enable even shipswitch on such a station, they should use the distance*2 as ‘waiting’ time.

And it would have a reason for the factions to have such stations: Collecting ressources of an entire system to send them together(instead of each transporter alone) to the mainstation.

I like the idea, lots of other docking options have been suggested in time.


One thing to consider: what will happen with security in that sector?

It’s gotta either be an already secure sector or accept insecurity in some sectors. If you place an outpost in an insecure location, undock camping will be a thing. I’m ok with that, but 90% of the carebears will rage. And if you turn an insecure system into a secure one, then i’ll rage, among others. Stuff like that.

For Muerto and Fort Vita

For Muerto and Fort Vita

More than that. I’m talking about looooooooong ago.

Yeap that a good idea! i like it! i was thinking about this too i hope dev’s will take a look :slight_smile:

Or just cargo drones in every sector, as well as Fort Muerto and Fort Vita.