Do you need help for translating in French ?



I’m new in the game but what shocked me, is the french translation is far from perfect.

Some phrases are good but some are not.


An example of confusions which forced me to switch to English :

“Acheter un égide” => “Buy an Aegis System”.


What the hell is “égide” ??

So i searched on Warehouse about égide but i never found it.

I even asked some people, nobody knows.

So i did switch to English language and there is the answer “égide” means “Aegis System”, there i found the stuff.


My advice :

DO NOT translate items, this is useless and brings a lots of confusions.

Keep the name in V.O but translate the text, definitions, phrases, etc…



you can find a special tool in the game options that is called “Developer assistance”, with this you can directly submit your own translation for almost every text.