Diversifying The Races.

The idea here is to make the game play stay relatively the same, but give slight technological changes through

modules and a few core mechanic changes, these will come in small patches, which will change the game

over time.



Patch 1  (changing the life bars)


In this patch the change the bars  will take place to the following effect


Empire : changed to Hull/Armor From Hull/Shields

Federation: change to Hull/Armor from hull/Shields

Jericho: Remains the same (Hull/Shielding)


Patch 2 to 3 (or 2-4) (diversifying the races with modules)

in these patches, small module additions are made to the game.

these modules will have a factional rank requirement much like it takes

a specific rank to buy mark III items. However, these modules will be

limited to its corresponding factions ships.


Examples of these modules


Empire : Armor technology is more Chemistry based, or focused around different metallic types or functions

[Armor Mod] Ablative Armor plating: this will cancel out X damage per a shot, so if you do 90 damage, and the ablative armor plating has a resistance of 110, then you need to do min 110 to damage it. if you do for example 150 damage, it will do 40 damage to the ship.

[Armor Mod] Energized Armor Plating: If the ship takes damage to the hull 25% of the damage taken will be split into weapon  (5%) damage,  reduced weapon heating (reduced by 15%), and energy (5%).


Federation: Armor technology is more biological, or technological, then chemistry based.

[Passive, Armor Mod] Nano-Bot Armor: This will regenerate the armor, passively.

[Armor Mod] Scattering Armor: This grant reduced detection range


Jericho: Shielding based technologies

[shield Mod] Regenerative Shielding: this is a type of high regeneration shielding, but has a max resistance of 100.

[shield Mod] Temporal Shielding: Any time a critical strike is landed onto the ship, it heals the ship instead of damaging it.


Patch Four (Weapon systems) (this will likely be the hardest part to balance)



Empire : Flank  Cannons. Large, Heavy rail cannons. Projectile size is nearly 300-400% Of current.

Attributes: Moderate-Low range, heavy damage. Moderate RoF.

Display: Large rail pulses.


Displays like this: 



Federation:  Disruptors:

Attributes: Longer Range, Higher damage, Slightly faster speeds.

Displays: Similar to current plasma, but more tightly packed energy.



Jericho:  High Energy Discharge Beams.

Attributes: High damage, Heats Quickly, Mid Range (Optimal 2.6k)

Displays: Larger beam then current (twice the diameter) With an energy spiraling around it.




Note, i wanted a visual effect so people have an “idea” i am not supporting copying, but something 

similar in visual / feel.


Patch 5-6 (balances)


these patches will be done when needed, slight changes.