display all the available modules on the ship menu please.

as before, when we set up a ship, we can check all the modules that available for that slot.

but right now, it only display the modules that in storage, the modules we got the blueprints and the modules can be bought.

and the modules that didn’t learn the blueprints yet, and the modules on another ships will not be display.

i know devs want let players use their new atlas menu more, but first the atlas menu can’s display all the modules, it got bugs that won’t display some modules that only fit specil ships, second it not intuitive enough when players set up their ships.

so if devs want player use more atlas menu, they can put a link, link players to the atlas menu from the modules that not own right now, and show the way to get it.

Actually that behavior existed before for any module that can’t be bought or crafted in the workshop. The affected amount of modules was just a couple of magnitudes smaller.

But I agree that this should be changed.