Disconnected unbalance

Playing a fair bit just tonight, realized that in nearly every single pvp match of random scallywags, at least 1 person if not more disconnected from the team once the match began and never returned during it.  Making one team significantly overwhelming in numbers a few times, which is not very fun, I want a challenge not a slaughter.

So, may I suggest, that to keep it even, the next people to get ‘blown up’ on the opposing team will be stuck in ‘spectate’ in equal numbers of disconnected for said match until such time as the disconnected return to the match (if at all).  Just to keep the teams even and less, of what I can only describe as, “fixing the match.”

Or at least bot take over for disconected player.

For better or worse, let the bot fly the disconnected player’s ships :stuck_out_tongue:

For better or worse, let the bot fly the disconnected player’s ships :stuck_out_tongue:


Then the bot will be OP…lol

a guy called XxxxxX continiously keeps disconnecting in every game in tier 5 of no reaosn.



I’m new to this game but on a number of occasions folks have disconnected.  I appreciate that it can be for various reasons not just bugging out because the odds don’t look good, whilst it may not be to much of an issue when you have a team of 10 you really feel it in teams of 4.  I’m only in T2 at the moment but it does make a difference with smaller teams.


I don’t have the solution but perhaps something could be initiated by minds greater than mine,


Other than that; great game I just need to get better