Disconnected player's ship should not spawn

It would be great if a disconnected player’s ship would not spawn and this way it would not feed enemy with kills. Or at lest it should not count on the kill counter.

  • Not sure if it was suggested before so pardon me if is was.

Actually, I noticed that DCed players’ ships not always spawn. In tournament for example both teams had one-one disconnected member and none of their ships appeared. But they were DCed from the beginning. In normal pvp I’ve seen ships from players that DCed during the battle. Not sure if the same rule applies to the latter case too but it should.  

But how can player get back to the battle if he was disconnected? I’m not sure it’s possible to implement technicaly, but will find out.

Well, yeah. They could just get into a stasis mode or something then. I often see ships floating around and get butchered because the player Is offline or what.But I was confused about this. Sometimes I could see DCed players ships flying around and other time none of them. And I think killing these ships of DCed players not always count as kills as well but I am not sure about this.