Disconnected players on Scenarios

Sometimes when I play the Scenarios mode, There has been some disconnected players for diffrent reasons, which is unknown since we don’t know them. But! Please. Add a Autopilot or some AI for the Disconnected ones in Scenarios. Becouse missing 1 player really effects the mode and when all is dead, we have to wait for this guy to die ( AI don’t attack him, but mostly capture base instead)


So to conclude is that Disconnected players should get an AI ( ofc if they reconnect they play ) Becouse it effects the game mode alot.

 Ye they need some sort of debuff or credit reduction if they leavee or d/c

Leave or Disconnets means they will not recieve any reward and have to pay for ship repair and rocket refill.

No. I was just in a scenario and not only did I hard carry in a freaking frigate, but when I finally DID die the only remaining person had no idea what they were doing and was too stupid to figure it out. They wouldn’t even respond in chat and I asked if they spoke English in every commonly spoken language there is. There was still over 25 minutes in the scenario and all this person was doing was just flying around and blowing up a few drones here and there.

I had no choice but to disconnect and go do something else. All of my ships were and still are tied up in that scenario because that person was too stupid to work as a team, too stubborn to just die and rude enough to not say a damn thing in chat.

If ANYTHING I demand the ability to punish people who don’t do anything in scenarios. Even if all it does is prevent me from being matched with that person again.

A replacement would also work - filling up spaces of dc’ed pilots or pilots who left with pilots looking to fly a scenario.