Different classes, Different weapons?

All is was thinking was adding weapons for each independent class.

Like giving interceptors higher fire rate weapons which overheat quickly so they will need to strafe instead of just circling around an enemy. Also because they only have 2 guns instead of the 4 or 6 so they have a damage setback in longer games.

Current weapons to the fighter, because those fit fine.

Heavier longer range weaponry for frigates with round wich go slower so they need to compensate more.

Just a suggestion, and if it is in the post is in the wrong place please tell.

Further more I love the game as so far but it just needs fine tuning.

Are you talking about T1 or T2+? Those kinds of things already exist in T2 and above, but they’re not class-specific. I like it that way, it gives me a chance to surprise enemies with my rapid-fire-fitted frigate.