Detonation suggestions

OK, so i’ve been seeing detonation games dragging out needlessly long … and the reason for that is after blowing up the first enemy station a team takes both bombs and then sits on them till the timer runs out … effectively its impossible to take the bomb from that clump of frigs and fighters- even if you managed to get the carrier you still wouldn’t be able to get the bomb out. at that point u are facing 10 minutes of frustration, i’ve seen people just afk because of that…
so …
my suggestion is that perhaps detonation could be made to end after the first station has been blown up, maybe also reduce each team’s stations to 2(certainly not 1 since that won’t solve the problem). Or make it so that the game can be won only with a decisive win, blow up all stations or it’s a “draw”, but this seems like the weaker option. so … any feedback is welcome : )

If bomb is not planted within 2.5 minutes of original pick-up it resets to spawn point. 

that’s also a possible solution

Drednawt’s solution seems great.   


It is a really sad feeling when someone camps the bomb.  

I’ve even had team mates doing it just to troll.  

It wastes two fun games’ worth of time.  

maybe the bomb could explode after said 2 and a half minutes and destroy the carrier with it…