Detonation Mode needs tweaking...

Here are the problems I see:

-Bomb carriers can still hide.

-There is no way to stop enemy from planting/grabbing the bomb, aside from destroying it (planting)

-Speed oriented interceptors, especially those doing “Aileron Rolls” are kinda… impossible to stop.


Some suggestions:

-Make bomb carries visible from everywhere, like team captains on CR mode.

-Make bombs & stations act like Beacons from Domination mode, if you are taking damage, you cannot grab/plant the bomb. Mechanics are similar to capturing a beacon so to speak.

-Add a timer till detonation, and allow defenders to disarm it in the given time if they can; after planting a bomb, defenders should be able to intervene, and disarm the bomb in the following 5-10 seconds. Mechanics are similar to capturing a beacon.

-Lower top speed and lateral movement for the person that grabs the bomb.


Some explanations:

-What are the mechanics of capturing a beacon? If you take damage, capture stops. You need to either avoid enemy shots, hide behind an obstacle, or disable enemy weapons in order to successfully capture.

-How do you disarm the bomb? Simple; after an enemy plants the bomb, you can disarm it if you can make it to the station (“beacon”) within a set amount of time, and manage to avoid taking any damage, like capturing a beacon.