After playing a few matches with some squad mates, we started to get multiple rounds of Detanation in our queue line. Now that would be fine if it werent for how the bomb planting works. I find it extremly irratating to see an enemy plant a bomb when we have atleast three people hitting him with everything we have. I would like to suggest a few things to fix this issue; 1> Make planting a bomb take longer. 2> When taking fire from an enemy, it should take longer to plant the bomb 3> Picking up the bomb should also take longer


They seem like major changes but even like a half second difference on bomb plant time would be sufficient

Indeed. As a frigate defender I find it extremly irritating that interceptors can dodge trough all our defenses, then park near the tower, pop some invulnerability ability while planting the bomb and laugh at me while I pump everything I have into them without anything happening.

I’d also like to see a debuff for bomb carriers making them move slightly slower. This way protecting the carrier becomes more important because chasers will eventually catch up. As a result it would be more viable to have fighters and even frigates carrying the bomb.

I really hope the devs tweak this mode. As a frigate player I’m feeling hopelessly useless in it.

Agreed, whilst I do enjoy easily planting bombs, I do admit it must be frustrating that I’m being pounded left right and center yet I’m still able to plant the bomb before I die.

Kinda like with the beacons, take damage and you are not “communicating” with the beacon anymore, something like that with the bomb would be nice

I don’t see this as much of a problem.


This seems more like a picket defense strategy where you form a line and don’t let people advance past it.  I think it would make it much too easy to defend by just simply planting a Frigate or something similar on each beacon and just waiting for anyone to try and plant the EMP bomb.  The idea behind these maps is that if you don’t stop them from reaching their destination, you failed already.


A bit more map awareness and teamwork and you can really stop EMP’s from reaching their destination.

I’d also like to see a debuff for bomb carriers making them move slightly slower.


This is already in effect.  At least from what I’ve experienced.  You lose about 30-50 speed(not exactly sure).