Destructor end solution

Since people approved this, i decided to suggest it as public.


So many people hate the destructor, it’s way too strong for the fact that’s it’s for guards and damn easy to use.

I suggest following:


I suggest to do following with the Destructor:

The closer you are, the bigger is the AoE Radius / Damage, Max Radius 650m

That would maybe make people players going closer or they are useless.

Because Guards should be AT the beacon and protect their teammates and kill stuff, not sitting 7km away and click left mouse button continously, it’s boring, prevents the beacon gameplay and is just lame.


That could be like this:

For example, the range is 4km

4km - 25% AoE Damage/Radius of 650m max radius

3km - 50% AoE Damage/Radius of 650m max radius

2km - 75% AoE Damage/Radius of 650m max radius

1km - 100% AoE Damage/Radius of 650m max radius

And then maybe even to approve getting close to beacon

500m - 125% AoE Damage and a Radius of 650m


So on max range 25% effect

75% of max range 50% effect

50% of max range 75% effect

25% of max range 100% effect

12,5% of max range 125% AoE Damage + 100% radius


Actually the values are discussable, the main point is this system itself, which i’d appreciate to be considered and approved by players and development.


The current Destructor approves long range noskill gameplay which actually decides 75% of the beacon games in T4 and T5, that the Destructor is being used so super often by all random pub players and also by good players proves how op it is. It denies beacon capture (of course i know beacon cap radius is 750m, and i could cap it from there) actually a few people know how to encounter it, and most part of the game population does not.

Also a good player flying it on a premium Guard like Scimitar or Patriarch can abuse this weapon in another dimension, total beacon capture denial and super high damage/range makes this weapon just ridculously strong in right hands, i know all weapons are strong in a good player’s hand, but this is just a bit too strong.


So please, i create a poll. Share your opinion there, give a like to this post or suggest something to improve this mechanic. And nobody should come and say the Destructor is fine as it is, it’s definitely not!


@Administrators, Testers, CMs and Devs. Please, forward this to make it being used in game, test it. Balance it.

Should you think the Destructor needs no balance, i want you to play few games T4 and T5 and think again about it. Thx.

Here’s some simple options (Choosing one, not all three.):


  1.  Reduce the Destructor’s AOE


  1.  Lower the destructor’s AOE damage


  1.  Increase the beacon capture range.



I like #3 the best.  This helps enemy pilots to overcome the Destructor’s cloud when capping beacons, but allows the Destructor to break up tight groups of ships (other frig balls, swarming interceptors on a friendly ship, etc…).

But the issue over here is the Destructor, not the Beacon.

Why changing something what is entirely fine to balance one thing that is op.

Actually it’s not the beacon capture denial only. 

To be honest, it’d still be a pretty great weapon if the AOE was removed, so long as the debuff stayed. 


Heck, it’d be a great weapon of the debuff was removed, so long as the AOE stayed.


But yes, one of the most reasonable solutions is to change the AOE radius depending on range.