Destroyer turret feel

Just because a gun that has four barrels, and is essentially a machine gun only fires at 60s/m I proclaim that in order to make it more pleasing to use and see used, halve the damage and double the RoF. This also goes for the plasma gun bc I just can’t stand slow firing stuff unless it’s a freaking death doom destruction beam.

Maybe it’s because barrels are heating too much so there are two? Damage is fine, as they are both projectile weapons.


 It totally makes sense for a Suppressor ship to have a high rate of fire or area controlling modules.

 And the turrets don’t resemble each other…  (OCD twitch)

The dps wouldn’t change, as the damage per projectile is halved with double RoF. Would make it look and feel better.

And I’ve noticed that the plasma turret only fires from one barrel. This a bug?

Also, if a turret that is half of the size of one single barrel can put out a constant laser for 20 seconds, then I think that heating is not an issue.