Destroyer Specials

I think that this was said somewhere before, but the search function on the forums is trash so here I go.

I suggest Destroyers (and possibly other ships) have their own special abilities depending on their model/class.

Such an example would be the Archon Destroyer having those glowing pointy things on the front of it. It could have a plasma-arc-ramming feature that has a mild cooldown.

The Invincible looks like it migh have some sort of large cannon in it.

The Procyon looks like it is covered in little shield-generators/radars, so maybe it could have a special secondary (or tertiary) shield that it can project for a limited time. Or maybe warp gravity to make itself even faster for a given amount of time.

The Shark Command fighter could have a little rocket barrage because it has a visible barrage box mounted on it’s top.

The Sai has what seems to be a little cannon/high-power radar on one side.

The Reaper has a massive ramming spike.

The Polus (and other spatula ships) look like they have a little hangar in them, so they could launch little AI drones or something.

The Loki looks like it has a massive reactor/cannon on the top of it.

The Caltrop looks like it has a sort of large antenna array on the front of it.

The Octopus looks like it could have a massive cannon in the middle of it.

Other ships could have other interesting special abilities too that involve their backstory or faction as well. This would just add a bit more pizzazz to the game in general and make it more fun and have more variety and reason to buy certain ships. ^^

Forklifts will pick up destroyers and carry them into battle quicker! :smiley:

(T5 fed ceptors)


Dunno what to say, i don’t really see this happening (eventually for destroyers, but just eventually).

Lol. The stabby stabby fork-ships. Xp

That weird ball in the Ronin looks like an Antimatter reactor which could blow up the entire map including all the players…

and your suggestion!


That weird ball in the Ronin looks like an Antimatter reactor which could blow up the entire map including all the players…

and your suggestion!


lol omega so mean xD

nice idea fox but nobody cares about them because this is not a simulator its an arcade space shooter kinda thing

So if this is a sort of arcade style game, why can’t I pilot multiple ships at the same time, or endlessly fire, or use those panic-bomb type things that wipe out everything on the map.

They may say that it is an arcade style shooty pew pew game, but it is really a sort of low-realism sim.

This reminds me of homeworld 2 ships:


  1. Higaran battlecruiser has 2 ion turrets (top and bottom) that can shoot in 180º degrees:



  1. Vaygr battlecruiser has a cannon atached to the front of the ship, firing devastating lasers (more dmg than higaran), however if its engines are destroyed, it cant turn, therefore cant shoot with it but up to the front in a very limited arch.


I dont think destroyers needs this kind of differenciation, since each faction offers distinctive features, however perhaps 1 active module only available to 1 destroyer would be ok.