Destroyer modules and ideas

Name: Reactive Armour

Type: Destroyer passive hull mod

Tooltip: When an enemy gets too close to your hull, an explosion is triggered dealing 9,000 Thermal damage in 50m range of them.

Function: Essentially turns the area inside of your shield radius in to a moving minefield. Things get hurt, but so do you. (Though less)

Name: Plasma Pike

Type: Destroyer passive shield mod

Tooltip: Creates a field of condensed plasma in front of your ship, allowing you to deal 32,000 EM damage to any targets that you ram with it. Upon hit, the field recharges for 7 seconds before it can be used again.

Name: Radar Jammer

Type: Destroyer (can’t decide if passive or active)

Tooltip: Scrambles the sensors of any enemy that comes within a 900m radius of you for 2 seconds, or while they are in radius. (Active mode could increase this radius considerably.)

Name: Flash Beam

Type: Destroyer Main Weapon

Damage: 4,500 EM

Range: 4,000m

RoF: 90 shots per minute (max)

Tooltip: Each cannon fires in succession. Each shot crates a 20m wide beam of energy dealing 4,500 EM damage to all enemies in the full range.

Function: Fires like the coil-mortar, so the more turrets are being used, the faster it fires, for a max of 90 shots per minute with all 8 turrets. Each shot is a quick, instant beam of blue/white that pierces through all enemies and deals damage only once per shot to all enemies or enemy objects in range.

Name: Beam Turret

Type: Destroyer active module

Damage: 645/s Thermal

Range: 4,000m

Tooltip: This turret will track any nearby enemy with a laser that deals 645 Thermal damage every second. Upon activating it, the damage increases to 1,150/s and the range increases to 4,500m for 8 seconds.

Really though. Gimmie some feedback.

Destroyers JUST came out, I don’t think devs are in the mood of “accepting” new ideas, right now they’re probably working on rank 11 and 14 destroyers, and checking how the balance is in tier 3 with the destroyers. Give it some time maybe then it’s time to introduce ideas for stuff.


BUT there’s always that hidden “wish list” which the devs hide the ideas in it until the time come.

But ideas are most prevalent during development, as when a new ship comes out you have to fit it with weapons and modules. Xp

Also, there is no EM main weapon, so I suggested one that I believe would fit perfectly. ;3

Also I REALLY want the ramming pike.

Like omg.

It would be so awesome.

Imagine a destroyer just flying at max speed in to another destroyer dealing massive damage.

And I can imagine that the graphics for it would be super cool too!

Well hopefully devs see this and do something about it. I see good ideas here.

Why i dont like your current versions of modules: all of them requier next to nothing to do, they just passives, the less of such modules we have the better for gameplay. Active mode must always be the strong effect and passive side should be next to ignorable.

Gun i dont think coil mortair mechanic will work on Destroyers due to how guns are working and sheer amount of them.

Well if you look at the mechanic and how it works, it is a lot better than all eight firing at once. That would one-shot things.