Destroyer module - Hybrid missile





Drone missile (before deployment) should deal significantly more damage - x10 (equivalalent to Doomsday missile or EM torpedo)

Deployed Drone’s thermal damage should be increased by 50%.

Deployed Drone’s weapon range should be increased by 25%.

Drone active time should be increased by 10 seconds - From 20 to 30 seconds.


Drone can also provide additional benefits/functions:

  • can detect any and all targets in a 750 meter radius

  • cause the radiation field that is active for 10 seconds in a 500 meter radius, but only if a drone has been destroyed




The missile is fairly okay, good for shooting enemies behind cover and as a helpful asset in terms of extra dps.

i want it to be purchasable on all ranks of destroyer, this is such a cool module and i want it on my invincible