Destroyer module destruction changes

Instead of just going boom and damaging the user, I think that destroying destroyer modules should rend a unique effect for each module.


Engine: Causes damage as the user tries to use their forward engines. It should be heavy damage.

Capacitor: Should not be destroyed completely, but instead “leak” radiation that deals a large amount of damage to the destroyer and all ships within a certain radius of it. This should stay in effect until the module is repaired or en engineer restores the destroyer completely.

Pyro emitter: Because it is just a big gas gun, or flamethrower type weapon, it should explode violently, dealing extreme (nuke worthy) thermal damage in a wide area.

Plasma turret: Should break and begin spraying plasma out of it like a fountain, only damaging the shields of the destroyer as well as any other ship that passes through its small radius.

Blaster turret: Should just cause a minor explosion.

Multiphase shield: Should invert the shield so that it instead lets enemy fire in, and traps the user’s fire in.

Photon torpedo: Should cause several beams of light to randomly slice through the destroyer over a second or two, causing significant EM damage to it, as well as any enemy lucky enough to be hit by a beam.

Gravity lens: Should create an anomaly cratered on the destroyer that pulls ships in, but only damages the destroyer.

Hybrid missile: Drone missiles should spill out of the module without activating, but on impact deal high explosion damage.

Repulsor: Should just cause a minor explosion.

Wormhole generator: Should randomly teleport the user a random distance every few seconds until it regenerates. Each teleportation should deal light EM damage.

Destabilising field: Should create a field around the destroyer where this effect is temporary. Affects the destroyer and any ships in the small radius.

Tempest launcher: The unused missiles should all be dumped in to space and explode like mines on impact.

Isotope harvester: Should create a siphoning field around the destroyer where it’s shields are transferred to nearby ships. Allied or otherwise.

Remote minelayer: The unused mines should be dumped in to space and detonate after 3-8 seconds.

This is interesting, + from me xd

While interesting, the damage ‘read’ from the changes worries me total.