Destroyer Major Caliber [Weapon]

Given the size and functionality of destroyers, it would make sense to give them a primary weapon that made them work like they look.


Introducing the Major Caliber Loadout (MCL)!

This weapon would fit in the primary weapon slot , and take the place of an active module slot.

You would be able to control which module slot it took by dragging it around.

It would replace all the minor turrets on the ship with point defense turrets that would independently and automatically fire on enemies and drones that came within a very small radius of the ship.

Primary fire function would fire the cannon with the desired mode.

The actual cannon would be destructible , but would have several times the durability of other active modules and would slowly repair itself over time.

Activation of the module slot for the cannon would change the charge type and damage type.


Cannon modes follow:

  • Thermal : Warms up for 2 seconds then emits a thin beam much like the Pyro Emitter, except it would be able to slowly move around while firing. Fast overheating.

  • EM : Charges for 1 second then launches an explosive charge that creates a “sticky” field of plasma for 4 seconds on impact. Initial impact deals damage, then any enemy that flies through the field would have plasma stick to them to slowly deal extra EM damage over time. (not like a radiation cloud. Damage persists after they leave the cloud.)

  • Kinetic : Locks the crosshairs in place for 2 seconds then fires a powerful railgun that travels extremely quickly and deals massive damage to targets in a very small radius of impact.