Destroyer Main Calibre Weapons

I originally thought that destroyers would have some form of alternative primary weapons like mini dreadnoughts. When they were added, the only modules that I really thought fit the bill were the Pyro Emitter and the Photon Torpedo.

I think it’s time we change that and add some alternatives to module weapons that function alongside the primary weapons with various capabilities. All of these (along with blaster turret and plasma turret) should be able to fit multiple times on the same ship. (2 blaster turrets, 4 plasma turrets, etc)


I had the idea for what is basically an alternative primary weapon that takes the place of an active module on the ship. One idea was a sort of “point defense cannon” that had different stages of activation. In the first mode it would simply fire quickly at the crosshairs with higher kinetic damage and rate of fire. In the second mode it would aim automatically like the Blaster Turret with reduced rate of fire. In the third mode it would take down enemy missiles and drones with quick flak bursts.

Another more “main caliber” type module would act very similarly to the main caliber cannons found on dreadnoughts. It would aim at the crosshairs, and upon activation would stop moving with the crosshairs and instead become stationary with the line of the ship. It would charge up showing a beam, then fire the charge after a set amount of time to deal massive damage at high range.

Other ideas include a “mining laser” that acts like a continuous short-range pyro emitter and can be used in OS to increase ore yield, or a rapid fire scatter gun type weapon that could pack charges like the tharkth and turn in to sniper rounds etc.

More weapon diversity in any regard is always very nice. Especially in a fast paced game like this.