Destroyer Hull Modifier - Damage Control

Regenerative coating is practically useless for destroyers, give them an alternative passive module as follows


Damage Control System

Only one module of this type may be equipped.

Activates after 10 seconds of receiving no damage.

Repairs between 10 and 1,000 hull points per second, multiplied by percentage of hull missing.

“Portions of the interior hull space are equipped with passageways, emergency storage compartments, and repair drone lockers. When the ship is heavily damaged, it provides easy access to interior areas that normally cannot be reached for repairs, but the superficial damage to the outer hull plating is more difficult to access. Protocol mandates that repair drones seek shelter while under fire to avoid the complete loss of repair capabilities.”


Example repair rates:

000% hull - 1000 pps

025% hull - 750 pps

050% hull - 500 pps

075% hull - 250 pps

100% hull - 0 pps


These numbers are not set in stone, nor do they have to follow a linear scaling

Hey that’s a cool idea