Destroyer-Covert Ops Plasma Arc issue..

Hello guys! I know my input does not mean anything, given the fact I am rather new and just now at 4/26/16 at 7:30 PM got Archon but I have a deep issue with this ship and or all of them if it also happens to them.


I was just in a PVP- it was detonation, and a Russian guy by the name of Alibek Mey attacked me from behind-out of my gun range through my engine, at first I thought it was just a sneak attack with this maingun, I later reaslised he fired his “Plasma Arc” and I instantly lost 60k hull, me at the time having 100k, this is a big issue. After words-in shock I quickly noticed my modules were destroyed and unable to be fired, questioning my self on how that is possible I later talked in chat and found out its entirally normal. “A way to combat their strength” -they said. 

I said to my self… how is it used to combat their strength if they die within the blow itself?? 

Please tell me this is a bug! And the developers did not make this a reality!! I had high hopes for this game until this came… I have no idea how in the H*** this is possible or why the developers would impliment this… its unfair in so many ways it cannot be listed, here are some examples.

  1. Destroyers are slow-hard to turn and dont have firepower behind them. 

  2. Their Hull inplace with the module destruction… its horrbily low and it averages out to an Empire LRF(if you have 100k and loose 60k)

  3. Why the hell doesnt your shield block damage? What is it? just a blue circle of prettiness?



Anyway, please help me with this issue! I am sure a lot more people disagree than agree with this -nerf- as you guys like to say…

What happened to you by plasma arc is intended, not a bug. (And archon is the most vulnerable destroyer against plasma arc.)


You will get experience and figure out how to fly your destroyer in time, don’t panic.

Reading Guides section will definitely help. As an example;

Going back to T3 will be fun, killing destros with plasma arc & nukes…

Normal+balanced. You aren’t invincible OP. Don’t forget this.

To 3): Every ship has a shieldsphere. If you/something else are IN it, it doesn’t shield against it.

Again: This is normal. The bigger the ship, the more space you can exploit to be IN his shield. Only exception seem to be dreadnoughts.


-I like how I had been giving false information dumbly :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though slightly reasonable, that is not true in Star Conflict.

The regular shields of ships (not the destroyer missile slot barrier) absorb damage from anywhere.

It is only the Plasma Arc and the Gravitational Lens that ignores shields and damages the hull directly.

Even I you try to think, you don’t know this mechanic?

Come back after you tried it out.

See, this is the maddnesss I am talkign about. New players… think its horse poop

Git gud. Don’t like how covops were designed to counter destroyers? Don’t play destroyers.

Oh come on… Have you ever heard the word “balance”? Because, you know, a ship that is capable of obliterating in seconds every other class while having the biggest tank in the game should have some weaknesses, don’t you think?


Destroyers are designed to be guarded by the rest of the time. A destroyers that flies alone in the battlefield deservers to die instantly. 

No, not when the freking weakness takes out 70k hull, out of 100k? Seriously.

I agree they need a limiter, a way to kill them. But NOT like that. That is almost enough damage for a INSTA kill

I agree with all of you, but I mainly agree with Shon. They should have a means of destruction, but not if it takes out 70% of their hull. 

Thank you all for solving this issue for me! I dreaded when you guys said its normal… but oh well… :frowning:

Actually it isn’t 70k. It’s 10k Engine, 10k capacitor and a max of 25k for all the modules. That’s just 45k. Also, even in a destroyer, there are lots of counters against interceptors:


  • Plasma turret

  • Wormhole

  • Blaster turret

  • Pyro emitter (Aim it to the rear of the ship)

  • Even tempest, if the target stays still enough. 


And also, you will NEVER get knifed if you stay with your team.


I’m sorry, but a ship cannot compensate the lack of a minimum of skill and brain. 

Plus… 25k from arc

I had 35 thermal at the time

and I got 10k from cap 10k from engine and 6000 for modules 

I did stay with my team… you have no idea of the issue, I was 1000m of a beacon, with 4 players near it. None of them could help me.

They cannot fire on somebody in my shield bubble, I take the hits.

It’s not an issue, it’s like that 'cause any ship need to have it’s drawback.

Btw if 4 guys didn’t helped you, and you were in the middle of them: you can call them n00bs.


Plus… 25k from arc

Absolutely not. A maxed out rank 13 plasma arc deals 7k thermal damage. And everyone has thermal resistance on hull. To my knowledge, Plasma ark doesn’t deal explosive damage, so it doesn’t have any bonus damage on destroyers.


I did stay with my team… you have no idea of the issue, I was 1000m of a beacon, with 4 players near it. None of them could help me.



They cannot fire on somebody in my shield bubble, I take the hits.


Then they are probably brain dead. If that Covert Ops wasn’t using Adaptive Camo, they have serious problems… But anyway, even if the CovOps dealt full damage with its ark, in no way that can kill you. Even if it destroys all your modules, wait 1 min and they’ll be up again. If you’ve taken serious damage to the hull, go near an engineer or use Heavy Repair drones instead of static shields. Also, covert ops are designed specifically to get behind enemy lines, destroy quickly one ship and get out. Why should it be different with destroyers? 



guys think for a moment u are bigger tougher stronger and with that wormhole almost untouchable if u use it right still u are whining about our covvies little poking sticks? CMON deal with it!

Iirc (mostly I don’t care): destroing a dessie’s modules does extra damage, like explotions.