Destroyer controls go bonkers when aiming straight up/down

Not sure if any of you noticed this.

In ideal situations I keep to the broadsides, but when things are swarming around you, the camera controls flip out when trying to pass it over the top or bottom of the destroyer.


Is there any way to correct it, or is it a limitation to keep the camera properly aligned?


Due to turret design having a weakness to fine-tuned aiming on the straight up axis, aiming would get xxxx anyways, so I guess it is somewhat justified.


(edit: this was supposed to be a bug report, not a suggestion, sorry)

Unless you plan to hold down your “look around” key during the whole battle, there is currently no way to avoid this. Not sure if the devs have a plan to fix this or not.

If you get your camera lost during the chaos around you, and it ended up upside-down, press “look back” an release - that will reset your camera and align it along your forward movement.

Camera movement is pretty weird when looking top/bottom, hopefully it gets a better way to control it there.

Controls will be slightly changed in the next patch (i wrote about this in patch discussion thread, ctrl-button).

After my first fly with my destroyer, I don’t understand that you reverse the view options for them.