Destroyer Balancing and Ship Class Enforcement

Destroyers have been literally tweaked to be utterly useless, to the point where building a destroyer is not worth it, and basically: masochist. I have thought about some of the complains of both sides, the ones that favor destroyers, and the ones that don’t. I thought on these problems and came up with these fixes to the system, which not only includes destroyers, but all of the ships in the game.


  • Destroyers to have their normal huge hull/shield pools respective to their factions, their speed modules to be limited to propel them up to 250m/s as a non-warp limit, and 500m/s when warping. Their mobility or agility LIMITED to 40 degrees per second. 

  • Destroyers to have the following when it comes to “kill the destroyer”: Destroyers will deal 50% less main weapon dmg to any ship that gets close to 750m, because their role is not meant to be CQC (and they already have an issue attacking ships up close: not all guns can shoot the target, so it will make it MORE difficult to counter interceptors or other ships up close, leaving the responsibility to their teammates, like if should be)

  • Add another module to the destroyer: Destroyer Bridge (control room). When destroyed, radar systems will be offline. 80 seconds to repair.  *Destroyers would now have: Engines, Capacitor, Bridge; 4 turret modules*

  • Destruction of destroyer modules will result in a % of hull damage instead of hull points:

     1. For Federation and Jericho destroyers:

  • Engine: 10%
  • Capacitor: 15%
  • Bridge: 10%
  • Module 1: 10%
  • Module 2: 10%
  • Module 3: 10%
  • Module 4: 10%

     2. For Empire destroyers:

  • Engine: 5%

  • Capacitor: 15%

  • Bridge: 10%

  • Module 1: 5%

  • Module 2: 5%

  • Module 3: 5%

  • Module 4: 5%

  • Destroyers will not be punished by the x2 explosive damage. Instead, if the destroyer loses its shield, the destroyer will suffer a x3 damage TO THE MODULES from all ships around 2000m for 10 seconds. (Think of it being a system overload for the shields being gone).

  • Destroyers that have their shields popped to 0 on their first time (with 120 second intervals), their shield explodes with a EMP that affects the destroyer itself and any other ships in 500m radius, for 1 second, and deals 1000 EM damage to anything on that radius, including the destroyer itself. Additionally, the destroyer will suffer a 10 second shield reboot: the destroyer will not be able to recharge shields IN ANY WAY for 10 seconds. 

  • Destroyers will be able to ram ships, dealing quite a damage proportional to the ship size (small ships get hit hard, eyes on that)

  • Destroyer that gets destroyed, is no longer available to the player. In short: destroyers will NOT respawn on PvP.

  • A destroyer that gets rammed by a ship flying at +2000 m/s will be destroyed.

  • Slotting destroyers only will NOT be allowed. The player will be prompted to slot a regular ship to one of the 3 or 4 slots available.

Now for the fun part: SHIP CLASS ENFORCEMENT.  Each ship class to be ENCOURAGED to execute their role, and be rewarded well for doing it, and penalized if not.

(think of it as some in-match tasks/missions, that will be available on EVERY match) *task/mission rewards also affected by the +50% reward of premium license, as usual*

  • ECM will have to disrupt normal operations of 5 ships from any ship class, with any module meant to disrupt normal functions of the ships (including the special module). Disruption of destroyer functions to be rewarded double. Reward: 500 syn per ship disruption, 1000 syn if its a destroyer. Once 5/5, the player enters bonus mission: disruption of each ship afterwards will multiply the final reward of the previous task, +10%, and stacks up to 10 times. Example, player disrupted 3 normal ships, and 2 destroyers; mission reward = 2500 syn. Player disrupted 10 more ships, reward doubles (5000 syn total) maximum syn earned for this mission is 10,000 syn

  • RECON will have to locate 10 ships, and plant 5 spy drones onto ships or place 5 micro-locators, or a combination of both, as long as it sums up 5. Completion of this task will be rewarded with 2500 syn for locating 10/10 ships, and 2500 syn for placing 5/5 spy drones/micro-locators.  As a bonus, each Holo-ship that gets destroyed by someone will be rewarded with 500 syn.

  • COVERT OPS will have to kill at least 3 ships without dying. Completion of this task is rewarded with 2500 syn. As a bonus, destroying a full health ship in less than 30 seconds multiplies the reward by 25%, and can stack 4 times.

  • GUNSHIP will have to inflict 100,000 damage in the course of 1 minute; completion of the task is rewarded with 1000 syn. As a bonus, each ship destroyed multiplies the reward 100%, and the multiplier stacks up to 5 times.

  • TACKLER will have to destroy 5 interceptor class ships. Completion of this mission will be rewarded with 2500 syn. As a bonus mission, each ship debuffed with Target Painter or speed inhibiting modules (or missiles) will multiply the reward

  • COMMAND will have to use enhancement modules to buff allies, 10 times. Completion of this task is rewarded with 2500 syn. 

  • LRF will have to deal 200,000 damage from over 5000m. Reward for completion will be 2500 syn. As a bonus mission, each regular ship destroyed with a disintegrator or guided torpedo will  multiply the reward 25%, and stacks 4 times, but destroying a Destroyer will result on an instant bonus of 100%, once. (Bonus multiplier cap/limit for the main mission reward is 100%)

  • ENGINEER will have to restore 300,000 energy points, shield points and hull points to allies. Completion of this task will be rewarded with 3000 syn. As a bonus task, deploying repair stations, recharge stations, shield barriers, or warp gates, will add 500 syn to the reward, until it reaches 5000 syn in total.

  • GUARD ships will have to earn a “Resistant” medal (receive 200% damage of your total health), or destroy 15 missiles in the course of one battle. Completion of one of these tasks will be rewarded with 2500 syn. Earning “Bullet Sponge” medal, or destroying 30 missiles, gives another 2500 syn.

  • DESTROYERS will have to deal 750,000 damage, at any range, with any weapons they have. Completion of this task will be rewarded with 40% off on repair costs. As a bonus, destroyers that repair 50,000 hull points to allies with their Heavy Repair Drones, will receive and additional 10% off on repair costs. 


The point behind this whole thing, is not only to “balance” ships, but to make them useful on their respective roles. What do you guys think? 

Destroyers will get some balancing fixes on the next patch, presumably next week. Especially Tyrant

Just now, CinnamonFake said:

Destroyers will get some balancing fixes on the next patch, presumably next week. Especially Tyrant

Nerf Thar’ga more at the same time please? It’s still too powerful at current state, there’s nothing to stop two good Thar’ga pilot to farm randoms spawn point.

Hey, Scarecrow, nice to have some seriously thought-over input from you!

Here’s my reply to it:

Generally: I do not get it why destroyers need to be killed and blown up in space/battle. They are so big, in PvP (like beacon denial) it would suffice to disable them completely or partly.

With that mindset devs wouldn’t need to make “masochist” nerfs, as you put it, to destroyers in the first place! Instead of death and respawn, destroyer would fly disabled through space gaining little to their team and flying destroyers into open space missions (thats what many players use them for because of the alien threat) would be more reasonable: one could safely fly through one of the warp gates to flee from destruction from alien ‘green balls’ canon fire. Destroyers would survive in open space if harder to be killed but easier to be disabled by alien ships. The recent nerfs are a compromise to battles (multiplayer PvP, tournament, etc.pp.) but are a pain in the a** in regard to their role as ships for open space missions and assignments! Devs can prevent that with a change in paradigm/mind set.


Here’re my in detail comments to your Destroyer suggestions:  

The recent patch renders the Destroyers useless, grinding and buying special containers for them is worthless: yes even “masochist”!
Destroyers should have their normal huge faction related hull/energy/shield specifications as known to make them hard to put down vessels (that way any normal reasonable 3rd objective observer understands the term ‘destroyer’).

Destroyer-speed can be left to the nerfed state as is : but the loosing end of this, the Federation destroyers should get other strengths buffed to compensate for that they now the very weakest destroyer and cannot compete with the destroyers of other factions. No hard limits (like “250m/s as a non-warp limit, and 500m/s when warping” … “agility LIMITED to 40 degrees per second”) relative low base values suffice.

To add another module to the destroyer: Destroyer Bridge (control room) its a nice idea. Additionally Players should be able to aim at certain modules of the destroyers: like subtargets (see: Fire Support).

Yes the destruction of destroyer modules should result in hull damage instead of hull points depleted. Destroyers shall not be especially vulnerable to the x2 explosive damage. Instead, if the destroyer loses its shield, the destroyer will suffer damage TO THE MODULES, including temporarely knockout of main-weapons: players should be able to lock on to modules selectively (which is the case with the big ship in PvE mission ‘Fire Support’)  

Yes, yes: Destroyers will be able to ram ships, dealing quite a damage proportional to the ship size (small ships get hit hard, eyes on that), but also in reverse other ships also damage the destroyer by ramming it: leaving interceptors and fighters to kamikaze boom expolsions (death and respawn) and frigates to a certain chance to survive (depending on build)! That would be realy nice. Nerf blasma blade in regard to destroyers : plasma blade used in ramming method makes the interceptor explode like suicide kamikaze (that would be ineffective/sub-optimal)!!! 

Destroyer should respawn: no respawn for destroyers that would be an illogic new rule. Just to make it happen with longer wait is better, and if the destroyers are useless if disabled in battle, they need to die/be killed/explode less often, anyways and remain useful in open space missions/scenarios.

A destroyer that gets rammed by a ship flying at +2000 m/s will be destroyed: no! It should depend!!

Slotting multiple destroyers question: I have the idea that the devs introduce a 5th dock exclusively for destroyers. The 4 other docks will only have ships taken into battle of the smaller ship- classes: interceptor, fighter, frigate. MatchMaken can be pre-selected if player wants to have battles with destroyers or not! I see this a better way to have win-win synergy! 


3 hours ago, CinnamonFake said:

Destroyers will get some balancing fixes on the next patch, presumably next week. Especially Tyrant

I hope you get the idea, that a destroyer must not necessarily fit into the paradigm of left-mouse-click maingun kills (destroyer 1v1 by interceptors)!! With that paradigm in mind you must end up with an over powered gunship/frigate whatever!

Think of it as area dominator (yes: thats what suppressor-class means) not long range sniper of small ships (one shot) - we have that role already - but for destroyers: maxi sniper for maxi ships with slow moving rounds/slugs: small weapons fire rapidly, big canons fire slowly.

Please, let destroyers be hard to be killed but easy to be disabled (modules, main guns, radar, moveability,)! In this way they are not contributing to their team in battles (PvP) while they remain survivable in open space (can rescue them by jump through warp gate) and be useful for open space missions and assignments. You would please both worlds (killer inty and dessy lovers) ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)