Destroyer Active Module suggestions (and a deployable one)

Behold, the face of boredom.

Lightning Gun

EM Damage
hit arcs lightning to nearby targets
can clear minefields turrets deployables and drones with the arcs
arcs do no damage to ship hull but instead have a disruptive emp effect if shield is down. Think the jolt you recieve from static shock.
projectiles are attracted to shields
arc can sap friendly shields but will first check to see if opponents can be arced to.

Microwarp Cannon

Fires a dense 10 km/s mwd propelled homing (with terrible turn speed, long range weapon here.) projectile with 15k hull. Bypasses shield to “thud” enemy ships (unless they have the implant) and “splashes” attached and nearby destructables for the damage caused Requires lock and has a charge up time that issues missile warning. Terrible versus small and fast ships but effective at anti destroyer when said pilots aren’t fast enough with the deployable shield. If it impacts the destroyable, the “splash” damage is done to the shield if there are no consecutive deployables between munition and ship.


closing in for the kill on another destroyer? Don’t let them get away! If their shields are down, fire a 3 km/s harpoon to link your ship to theirs. not even a wormhole can save them! Use with caution, may potentially get dragged into a swarm of unfriendly pilots. For an extra bonus, if you hit their energy router, siphon their energy!

Monkey Barrel (deployable)

What kind of coward uses shields? Instead, Insert yourself into enemy lines and launch barrels of fun that disperse seeking mines after a set period. If you see an enemy destroyer launching these, try to destroy them before the monkeys come out of the barrel!


Or the lightning gun could be more like a Tesla type module that zaps anything in a radius.


I love everything here.

I want cloak of any sort. For maximum “Surprise, mfka!”

R14 implant be like